Terms and Conditions

We only use components of the best quality sourced from small companies who, like ourselves, take great care to keep up high standards of workmanship and, in doing so, will not be rushed. Please note that we do not guarantee delivery times.

Delivery times will vary depending on component delivery, our workload and the time of year. Due to our quality standards and fairness to all our customers, we will not advance schedules for special events so please plan in advance. It must be noted before a rifle is ordered that we will not put up with any harassment in connection with delivery times, we can only guarantee that once the rifle is delivered it will have been worth the wait.

Rifle Orders are to be paid in three parts. A deposit of £2000 is required to finalise any order followed by a stage payment of £2000 when the major components are in stock with the balance being due before delivery. It must be noted that 25% of the initial deposit must be retained to cover costs if for any reason the order is cancelled

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, switch, bank draft or credit card. ( Access & Visa )
All credit card payments will surcharged 3%.
All work must be paid for in full before delivery.

The total price for Custom Rifles and products will be calculated at time of delivery but will not exceed the original estimate by more than 10%.

For your convenience, we can have your rifle collected from (charge £25) and delivered back to (charge – £20) your home. If there is need for a entry on FAC your rifle has to be returned to a Registered Firearms Dealer.

For your peace of mind, all rifles which are packed in a hard rifle case and are handled on our business carriage contract, are insured for loss and damage up to a value of £6000. However it should be noted that only the contents are insured, any damage to the case will not be covered so it is recommended that the case is protected with bubble-wrap or cardboard.

Rifles not sent in an appropriate hard case will not be covered by our insurance and will incur a £10.00 handling charge.

Please send a copy of your Firearms Certificate and a note of work to be carried out with all packages.