Reloading Equipment

Reloading Equipment

We are often asked what reloading equipment we use & recommend so the following list provides an indication of the basic kit & then those additional pieces that become essential as accuracy requirement or experience increases. PRS stock & sell most of this equipment. We import dies direct from Redding & try to receive a shipment every four to six weeks.

We do not believe in neck sizing so, unless is a specific request is made, any sizing dies supplied will be full length. The main reason for this is to keep bolt closing effort to a minimum.

RCBS Rockchucker Press

Redding Full Length Die Set (Series A)

RCBS 1010 Powder Scales

MTM Case Block

MTM R50 or R100 Ammo Boxes

Lee Auto Prime Primer Seater – Needs correct size of Shellholder

RCBS Neck De-Burr Tool

RCBS Powder Trickler

Powder Funnel

Imperial Sizing Die Wax – Case Lube

Shell Holder For Press

Shell Holder For Auto Prime

Mitutoyo Digital Calipers – Engineering Quality

RCBS Bullet Puller (For disassembly of mistakes)

Carbide Primer Pocket Uniformer/Cleaner

Hornady Headspace Comparitor with one insert or a complete set

Second Stage

(This Equipment is not essential but makes life easier and can give better results)

Redding Type ‘S’ Full Length Bushing Die
(Not available to suit all chambers) & Redding Comp Seater Die

Redding 76 Titanium nitride bushings in 0.001” increments

K & M Services Flash-Hole Uniformer

RCBS Case Master Concentricity Guage

K & M Service Neck Turning Tool with Mandrel and Handle

K & M Services Expander (Used With Neck Turning Tool)

Wilson/Sinclair Ultimate Trimmer Kit

Case Holders For Trimmer Kit