Krieger Barrels

Krieger Barrels for Gunsmiths

We stock a reasonable selection of stainless steel Krieger Barrels in the common bore sizes, twist rates & lengths. The barrels are purchased in the form of parallel blanks & we can then cut to length & profile according to individual requirements. These barrels are available for sale to both amateur & professional gunsmiths with trade prices available for those that have a current RFD.

They can be supplied as blanks, cut to length & profiled or profiled & machine polished ready for fitting. A standard blank length is 28” and is intended to finish at a maximum length of 27”. Longer blanks are available in some calibers to finish at up to 32”. Please call to discuss your barrel requirements.

Delivery of barrels that we do not have in stock can be protracted as Krieger will take approximately six months to deliver from time of order. We seldom use chrome moly barrels and keep only a small stock so, inevitably, these will be special order items.

Prices start from £540 including 20% VAT for a standard 28” blank with profiling & polishing at £95 inc. VAT per operation.

For further information please see Krieger’s website

or check our current Krieger Barrel Stock List