The Ultimate

Ultimate Precision Rifle


Precision Rifles Stainless Steel, Short Action, Repeater with right-hand bolt and right hand port.
Includes Sunny Hill Enterprises Custom Stainless Floorplate.
All bolts made from one piece of 4340 steel so no brazed on bolt handles.
Bolt bodies are spiral fluted in order to reduce friction and enhance appearance.

Available in single-shot and repeater short, long & long magnum configurations. Various sizes of bolt face plus alternative trigger guards and floorplates are available, please enquire for further details.

TriggerTech Diamond with top right-hand safe.

Shilen Stainless Select Match-grade with matte finish; contour, length, weight & twist rate to customers specification.

We will chamber for any cartridge which is included in our current list of reamers and will fit the loading port or magazine box of each action.

McMillan McClassic for barrel contours up to No.5 This format will give a finished weight of approx. 8¾ lbs. A Pachmayr Decelerator (soft) recoil pad and sling swivel studs are fitted as standard. Finished in customers choice of molded-in colour or any of McMillan’s marbled colours. Please refer to McMillan catalogue.

Talley Bases & 1″ or 30mm rings – Various Heights.

Actions are pillar bedded in epoxy resin with solid pillars to give a reliable contact between action and stock and thus avoid any stock compression.
Barrels are floating. Hex head bolts are used.

Each rifle is test fired for accuracy and function before delivery. Chronographed velocities and hand-load data are provided.

Custom Products bore guide.
Gunguard 48″ or 52″ Deluxe hard case.
Sling swivels – quick detachable.
Firing pin removal tool.
Allen keys
Bolt lug grease.


Single-Shot Action (Subtract £300)
Left hand (No Extra Charge)
Super Magnum Action (338Lap – 416Rby)
Including Weatherby Box & Stainless Steel Floorplate (Add £475)

Wildcat Work. We will chamber for any cartridge including those of a customers own design.

Tooling costs, at approx. £250, must be covered by the customer when we do not have the appropriate chamber reamers.

Pachmayr Old English, hard recoil pads are available on request.

Polyurethane painted finish in black, brown, grey or dark green.

Muzzle Brake (Add £300)
Full-bore silencer with barrel thread cap (Add £420)
Telescopic sights, Leupold, Swarovski, etc (POR)

Ultimate precision rifle £7250 incl. VAT

(Price does not include scope)