Custom rifles

We give an accuracy guarantee with all our complete custom rifles. The level of accuracy depends on several factors including finished weight, action type, chambering and number of shots fired in a given period. Lightweight, large calibre, sporting rifles are not expected to shoot the same number of shots to the same accuracy standard as a benchrest or NRA target rifle. Typical guarantees vary from 1/2″ three shot to sub 1/4″, five shot, 100 yard groups. NRA target rifles will shoot 1/2 MOA, ten shot, 300 yard groups.

All accuracy guarantees are dependant on using the appropriate handloaded ammunition. PRS Custom Rifles are fully tested for accuracy and function. A suitable load is established using an Oehler 35P Chronograph to ensure that an appropriate velocity is achieved with an accurate load. A report on the load is provided with the rifle.

Our custom rifles are supplied complete with accessories which include a rigid case, a rod guide and scope mounts on all hunting rifles. Instructions on rifle care and cleaning are also included. Ammunition, reloading components and equipment such as cases or dies and any additional accessories can also be provided.

Please browse through the pages detailed below for further information.

Ultimate Precision Rifle
An all-weather rifle built around Precision Rifles stainless action in either single shot or repeater format bedded into a Synthetic stock.

Details of Precision Rifles Actions and the selection of matchgrade barrels that we fit.

Description of the stocks we use and how we bed the actions into them.

Other Components
Details on Triggers, Mounts and Other Accessories supplied.